George Clapp Family

George Valentine Clapp Family

Websites associated with the CLAPP family include:

Larry Noah's site about the Brick Church.
Mary Ellis' site containing photographs of the Brick Church Cemetery. Photographs

You can find more information about the Palatines and the Huguenots at the Olive Tree Genealogy, operated by Lorine McGinnis Schulze.

The earliest Clapp for whom we have a record is Geisa Klap. The line of direct descendants from him to Lou is:

  1. Geisa KLAP, b Germany
    +C. BRYLUNDE, b Germany

  2. Nikolas KLAP, b Germany
    +Elizabeth POTTER

  3. Johann Jost KLAP, b Aug 9, 1669, Germany. He landed at Philadelphia Sep 27, 1727, aboard the ship James Goodwill out of Rotterdam, with sons George Valentine and John Ludwig and others. They were part of the emigration of Protestants from the Palatine (Pfalz) area of Germany during the early 18th Century.
    +Anne Margaretha (unknown), b abt 1678, Germany

  4. George Valentine CLAPP, b May 24, 1702, Of Istha, Hesse, Germany, d Oct 12, 1773, Guilford Co, NC. He signed the passenger list on the James Goodwill as Jorg Valentine Klap. The two brothers founded Der Klapp Kirche in Guilford Co, NC, now known as the Brick Church. You can see the memorial which was erected at the Brick Church at the Clapp Memorial.
    +Anna Barbara STIESS, m Aug 27, 1723, Weisenheim am Berg, Germany. (Note: My family had mistakenly believed that George Valentine CLAPP married Mary ALBRIGHT. Larry Noah provided correct information from Joseph H. Vance's book, ALBRIGHT, CLAPP and BERK Families.)

  5. John Phillip CLAPP, b Feb 20, 1730/31, Oley, Berks Co, PA, d Feb 1798, Guilford Co, NC
    +Barbara (Note: Our source, the book on Calloway Co KY families, had said that John Phillip married his cousin Barbara CLAPP, daughter of John Ludwig CLAPP. Evidence from John Ludwig's will showed that Barbara CLAPP married Daniel MAY. We have changed our records to show only that John Phillip's wife was named Barbara or Barbary.)

  6. Lewis Ludwig CLAPP, b abt 1760, Orange Co, NC, d abt 1836, Calloway Co, KY, m Guilford Co, NC. He was a minister in the German Reformed Church.
    +Margaret Ann LOY, b Aug 15, 1773, Orange Co, NC, d Dec 15, 1855, Salt Lake City, UT (She accompanied her oldest son when he moved to Salt Lake City.)

  7. Maria Barbara CLAPP, b 1811, AL, d Oct 19, 1889, Graves Co, KY
    +John CAMP, b 1804, VA, m 1828

  8. Sarah Almira CAMP, b May 3, 1829, AL
    +David Clark HARRIS, b. Jun 24, 1824, KY, d Dec 26, 1900, Calloway Co, KY, m Jan 28, 1844, KY

    1. James C. HARRIS, b 1846
    2. Martha Elizabeth HARRIS BUTTERWORTH, b Mar 22, 1848
    3. Lydia A. HARRIS HARRISON, b Jan 28, 1851
    4. Rufus Newton HARRIS, b Dec 25, 1853
    5. Ira Woodruff HARRIS, b Jun 24, 1856
    6. John E. HARRIS, b 1858
    7. Jesse Newton HARRIS, b Feb 13, 1861
    8. Emma Rosella HARRIS PARKS, b Jan 17, 1866
    9. William Gray HARRIS, b Feb 18, 1870
    10. Oury Butler HARRIS, b Jun 8, 1872

  9. Rufus Newton HARRIS, b Dec 25, 1853, KY, d Jun 19, 1927, Calloway Co, KY, m Nov 26, 1874
    +Martha Emiline SWANN, b Oct 30, 1856, d Sep 12, 1933, Calloway Co, KY, Photo of Rufus & Mattie Family Photo

    1. Ophelia Zona (Ophie) HARRIS LAWRENCE, b Jun 22, 1875
    2. Alta Annie HARRIS CHAMBERS, b Oct 1, 1877
    3. Almira Elizabeth (Lizzy) HARRIS SIMS, b Mar 7, 1880
    4. Vera HARRIS ROGERS, b Oct 19, 1882
    5. Noble Harris, b 1885
    6. Napoleon Franklin HARRIS, b Dec 31, 1887
    7. Maude HARRIS KEY, b May 12, 1890
    8. Rufus Nix HARRIS, b Nov 19, 1893

  10. Annie Alta HARRIS, b Oct 1, 1877 Calloway Co, KY, d Jun 16, 1924 Calloway Co, KY
    +Noah Amos CHAMBERS, b Dec 22, 1875, d Dec 24, 1965, Murray, KY, m Oct 1, 1895

    1. Tullus Amos CHAMBERS, b Aug 21, 1897 Photo of Henry, Tullus, and Harris
    2. Lottie Lillian CHAMBERS KEY, b Jun 14, 1898
    3. Dallas Noah CHAMBERS, b Mar 11, 1901
    4. Ola May CHAMBERS, b Apr 5, 1902
    5. Mattie Lou CHAMBERS WATSON, b Jan 16, 1904
    6. Henry Stum CHAMBERS, b Feb 16, 1907
    7. William Harris CHAMBERS, b Nov 20, 1909

  11. Tullus Amos CHAMBERS, b Aug 21, 1897 Calloway Co, KY, d Nov 20, 1952 Benton, KY, m Jul 1, 1920, KY, Photograph
    +Mary Gladys HUFFINES, b Nov 8, 1899 Calloway Co, KY, d Nov 18, 1992 Killeen, TX, bur Benton, KY, Photograph

  12. Martha Lou CHAMBERS
    +James Kendall JAMES

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