Swann Family

Swann Family

Lou is descended from Edward Swann of Maryland.

Jeff Swann has had a great website on the SWANN family. He is currently working on getting set up with a new Internet Service Provider. We will show the link as soon as he gets it up.

Because of website size constraints, we are going to start showing only the generations that have the surname on each surname page. When the lineage gets down to the last person of the surname, you can link to the surname page of the man she married.

The line of direct descendants from Sir Francis Swann to Lou is:

  1. Sir Francis SWANN

  2. Samuell SWANN

  3. William SWANN, b 1586, Gravesend, Kent, England, d 1638, Surry Co, VA, m Apr 16, 1612, St. Dunstain's Church, Middlesex, England
    +Judith GREENE

    1. Thomas SWANN, b May 1616
    2. Matthew SWANN, b abt 1620
    3. Samuel SWANN, b abt 1624
    4. Edward SWANN, b 1630
    5. James SWANN, b aft 1630
    6. John SWANN, b aft 1630

  4. Edward SWANN, b 1630, Denton Court, Kent, England
    +Susannah HEATH, b abt 1640

    1. Susannah SWANN
    2. James SWANN
    3. Thomas SWANN, b 1674
    4. Samuel SWANN, b 1676
    5. Edward SWANN, b abt 1678

  5. Thomas SWANN, b 1674, d 1742, Charles Co, MD
    +Abigail DENT

    1. Thomas SWANN
    2. John SWANN
    3. Lidia SWANN TURNER
    4. Jonathan SWANN, b abt 1737
    5. Zephaniah SWANN. b 1740

  6. Zephaniah SWANN, b 1740, Charles Co, MD, d 1816. Served in "The Flying Camp", Maryland volunteers in the Continental Army, Revolutionary War. First wife was Mary Coats. Sold land in Montgomery Co, MD, in 1776 and moved back to Charles Co, MD. In 1784 received land grant in then Rowan Co from state of NC. Buried on this land, but no grave markers.
    +Mary BEALL, b abt 1751

    1. Anna SWANN JOHNSON, b 1774
    2. Thomas C. SWANN, b 15 Nov 1780
    3. Orpha SWANN

  7. Thomas C. SWANN, b Nov 15, 1780, Iredale Co, NC, d Aug 28, 1857, KY, m abt 1804. Moved to KY in covered wagon in 1833; settled one mile SE of Harris Grove, Calloway Co, KY. Carried letters from Society Baptist Church, NC, and with others organized Old Concord Primitive Baptist Church near Wiswell Community. The church was later moved 4 miles S of Lynn Grove, Calloway Co, KY, and renamed New Providence Primitive Baptist Church. He and Elizabeth are buried in Old Concord Cemetery.
    +Elizabeth HOLEMAN, b Sep 5, 1788, Rowan Co, NC, d Nov 18, 1858, Calloway Co, KY

    1. Mary SWANN CAIN, b 10 Mar 1809
    2. Lucy SWANN HUIE, b 4 Nov 1810
    3. James Holeman SWANN, b 18 Nov 1811
    4. Martha SWANN MYERS, b 1813
    5. John F. SWANN, b 17 Jul 1814
    6. Ann SWANN BENSON, b 21 Nov 1821
    7. William Cook SWANN, b 6 Jul 1823
    8. Manoah T. SWANN, b 1829
    9. Elizabeth SWANN JACKSON, b 30 Jul 1832
    10. David SWANN

  8. Manoah T. SWANN, b 1829, Iredell Co, NC, d Aug 10, 1862, Perryville, KY. Killed in action, Battle of Perryville; captain, Company C, 1st Kentucky Cavalry, CSA. He was buried in a horse lot; a coffin lid was later buried in South Pleasant Grove Cemetery for him.
    +Margaret Elizabeth PARKS, b Apr 10, 1836, d Jul 19, 1874, Calloway Co, KY, buried South Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

    1. Martha Emiline SWANN HARRIS, b 30 Oct 1856
    2. William Franklin SWANN, b 20 Mar 1858
    3. Selinah Azilee SWANN, b 13 Dec 1859
    4. Manoah Barkley SWANN, b 12 Nov 1861

  9. Martha Emiline (Mattie) SWANN, b Oct 30, 1856, d Sep 12, 1933, Calloway Co, KY, buried Sinking Springs Cemetery.
    +Rufus Newton HARRIS, b Dec 25, 1853, KY, d Jun 19, 1927, Calloway Co, KY, buried Sinking Springs Cemetery, m Nov 26, 1874 Photo of Mattie & Rufus, Family Photo

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